Top Ten Tuesday ~ Books I Was SO EXCITED to Read but Still Haven’t

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Happy Tuesday, my bookish peeps! Today’s topic is Books I Was SO EXCITED to Get, but Still Haven’t Read. I changed up the topic just slightly because I haven’t necessarily acquired these books yet. However, they’re all books I’ve been excited to read and haven’t managed to get to them yet.

And I want to take a moment to thank all of you that have commented here recently. I have been spending a lot of time working outside with my daughter over the last couple weeks. Because of my migraines, I have been giving my eyes a break from too much screen time. Now I’m working on finding a good balance. I’ll be replying to all of your comments here shortly!

~Books I Was SO EXCITED to Read but Still Haven’t~

Some of these have only been out a few months and others much longer. But, I’ve had plenty of time to get to them and have just put them off for one reason or another. I could have probably listed 10 JLA books I’ve been dying to read but haven’t yet.

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What books have you been putting off?

Happy Reading,


28 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday ~ Books I Was SO EXCITED to Read but Still Haven’t

  1. Ooh, so many great books on here! I *loved* Beauty and the Baller and Things We Never Got Over! Both were my first books by these authors but it’s convinced me to read more of their backlist (so many books to choose from)! 😍 I also don’t read much monster romance but I enjoyed The Dragon’s Bride. I hope you enjoy these whenever you get to them, Ali!

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    • Thanks! I’ve already read and loved some Madden-Mills, but I haven’t tried Score yet, so I’m really looking forward to that. Same here with the monster romance, but I’ve enjoyed several of Robert’s book, so I’m anxious to give it a try. Glad to hear you enjoyed it!!


    • I have yet to read one of Score’s books, but I was determined after that one was released to finally give her a try. Although I haven’t read her yet, I feel confident I’ll love her books.


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