#Tropeathon Wrap-Up

Thanks so much to Misty @ Misty’s Book Space and Michelle @ Chelle’s Book Ramblings for putting together another fun TropeAthon. I didn’t think I’d get through near as many books as I did, but I was having so much fun with these tropes! And I discovered some new authors that I’ll definitely be revisiting!

Here’s the fun Bingo board we got to tackle. I checked off all of the boxes. Several of the books fit multiple tropes, so I’m going to do a breakdown by tropes in case you’re looking for any recs from a particular trope.


Voyeur takes place between Oaklyn, a college freshman, and her 29 yr old professor, Callum. Callum is interesting because he’s withstood abuse and can’t handle touch.

Lessons in Corruption is a high school teacher/student situation. It worked for me 1)he’s 18 2) he has more experience than she does with life being part of an MC 3) she totally has his father’s blessing.

Hate to Love

A few of the books I read might fit for an annoyance to love situation, but this book truly fits with hate to love, though that hate is one sided. Lina hates Max because she believes he’s the cause of Andrew, Max’s brother, jilting her at the altar. Now she’s stuck working with him.

Reverse Harem

This is labeled as a reverse harem, but note that there’s a bit of sword crossing, too.

Unrequited Love

This book was complete sweetness with Tom pining over Gwen for twelve years.

Forced Proximity

These books all contain varying degrees of forced proximity. With Entreat Me Louvaen is stuck having to stay at Ballard’s home to chaperone her sister. In Happy Trail you get a snowed in situation, though it doesn’t last long. With Voyeur the couple is stuck in the same class together and in a work situation. With Lovers and The Worst Best Man the couples are forced to work together. With Lessons in Corruption the couple are forced together in the same class. And with The Stopover, the couple are having to sit next to each other on a plane and then stuck together with a stopover from a storm.


Radiance is a fantasy with an unhuman prince and a human king’s niece.


With Voyeur Oaklyn works in the school lab as an assistant to the physics department, and one of the professors is Callum. With Praise Charlotte finds herself accepting a job offer from her ex-boyfriend’s father, Emerson. And in The Stopover, after Emily and Jim share a plane and a one night stand, Emily finds herself getting her dream job at Miles Media only to find that the CEO, Jameson Miles, is her Jim.

Brother’s Best Friend

In Twisted Love Ava’s brother leaves his best friend in charge of watching over his sister while he goes overseas for work.

Smart Mouth had an interesting brother’s best friend scenario. Tom has a twin brother who has a female best friend, which Tom finds himself immediately head over heals for.


Lilac, Smart Mouth, and Play all have well known musicians, while The Stopover has a billionaire media mogul as its hero.

Arranged Marriage

In Radiance the unhuman prince finds himself in an arranged marriage to a king’s human niece for alliance purposes.


Entreat Me is a Beauty and the Beast retelling containing not one but two love stories. Y’all know how I love my Beauty and the Beast retellings!

Friends to Love

Both of these contain friends to love situations. If you read my review for Lovers, you know this book didn’t work for me at all.

However, I absolutely adored the scenario in Radiance. Idilko is set to marry Brishen. Brishen isn’t human but Idilko is. It’s an arranged marriage and neither have ever met. They stumble upon each other in a garden before the wedding and have a nice chat about the differences in their kinds including how unattractive they find each other. BUT, they both find so much humor in it, and it’s a completely friendly conversation that leaves them both with hope. Then they discover that they’re the ones set to wed each other and they’re both immediately set to ease since they know they get along so well. The friendship and respect for each other continuously blooms until it becomes more altogether.

What I didn’t get read from my TBR:

  • Carnal Urges by J.T. Geissinger (reading this now)
  • Between Wrath and Mercy by Jess Wisecup (reading this now)
  • An Offer From a Gentleman by Julia Quinn
  • The Heir by Sophie Lark

I got 13 books read for Tropeathon in the two weeks that it took place. Even better, most of these were new-to-me authors that I’m so looking forward to reading more from!

Happy Reading,


11 thoughts on “#Tropeathon Wrap-Up

  1. The most interesting this about this challenge is seeing how you have so much overlap, especially with forced proximity. That’s always a good one to get the romance going. Isn’t that how all those celeb couples get going in real life? Anyhow, I did like Sosa’s book. I keep trying to fit the sequel in. I loved the heroine’s family who I think could carry a whole book on their own.

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    • I thought it was interesting to look at the tropes that way. Some books stick to a single trope while others have a gamut of tropes. And yes, it would be fun to get more time with Lina’s family.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yay congrats on everything you read and for completing the board. I completed the board too which I’m really proud of because it’s the first time I’ve ever been this successful at our Readathon. I can’t wait for the next round!!

    Liked by 1 person

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