11 Groundhog Day/Time Loop Books

Happy Groundhog Day! I read a stat this morning that said the groundhog’s accuracy was only 40% over the last decade, but I never put any stock into whether he saw his shadow or not anyways. But in the spirit of the Groundhog Day movie, I do enjoy a good time loop book, but I haven’t read many of them. So, I’m going to share 3 that I have read and enjoyed, and then a list of ones that I’d like to get to.

Here are the 3 I’ve read. Before I Fall was one I read a long time ago and gave a solid 4 stars to. But more recently I’ve read both In a Holidaze and The Do-Over and gave 4 1/2 stars to both. The Do-Over by Lynn Painter being my favorite.

Now here are a bunch that I’d love to get to ~

I know the time loop books aren’t for everyone, but if you’ve read any that you’ve enjoyed that I don’t have listed, I’d love to hear about them!

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11 thoughts on “11 Groundhog Day/Time Loop Books

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  2. I read six of these. The RLS one was so good. She had some science injected in there which excited me even if it was fake. The thing about the Oliver book which made it a hit for me, was Sam’s journey. I hated her in the beginning, but she learned so much each day that she relived, and at the end, I cried for her. (right now, I am shedding tears)

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    • LOL! Sam, I love your heart. It always shines through when you talk books. I can totally geek out when it comes to the science talk, so that definitely had me wanting to pick up RLS’s book. And I totally agree about Oliver’s book. I love to see great character growth!

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