Discussing Punished ~ Ch. 27


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Ch. 27 I Vow Not to Be a Psychopath

The whole house was busy preparing for Mr. Dumpty’s party. Arelia didn’t have the opportunity all day to chat with Lucus, and she missed him. She was in her room getting ready for the party listening to Sabrina go on about what lingerie to wear for Lucus. Arelia suggested that Sabrina take things slow, and Sabrina said she couldn’t wait any longer. I was so excited about what Arelia said next!

“Maybe he’s not interested in you,”…

Sabrina immediately started questioning Areila, and of course, Arelia backed right down. I was proud of her, though, in that she didn’t take back what she had said. That was at least a step in the right direction.
Sabrina suggested a dress for Arelia, and then mentioned that Arelia might want to work things out with Tony. This only made Arelia think of how she had changed over the last few days. She found she no longer feared Mrs. Dreaux. She wasn’t going to put up with any more of their crap. She was done with feeling inferior. She was getting bolder!

I wanted Lucus, and I wasn’t afaid to admit that anymore.

Arelia quickly reminded herself that she’d probably chicken out when she actually saw Lucus, but she realized she was finally headed in the right direction. She vowed not to be a psychopath towards him anymore at the very least.
Then Arelia started getting a bad feeling about the night ahead, except it didn’t have anything to do with Lucus. She was worried about Louis. She started questioning everything again, but then gave herself a pep talk. She put on the Come to Me Oil and slipped the Black Arts Oil in her bra. Then she reflected on what Gran-Ibo had told her.

…I can’t feel something for one without having feelings for the other.

I’m still trying to figure that out! Then Arelia left Sabrina to finish getting ready while she headed downstairs for the party.

Whew!! FINALLY Arelia is starting to behave a little more like someone I appreciate. She’s getting a backbone – albeit it’s pretty crooked right now, but at least it’s finally there!! With the book almost over, it’s obvious it’ll be another big cliffhanger. At least I don’t have to wait on the next book!

What do y’all think about Arelia’s sudden change of heart?

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Discussing Punished ~ Ch. 26


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Now on to Kira Saito’s Punished.

Ch. 26 Come to Me Oil

Arelia awoke with her Grand-mere already gone and Sabrina rambling in her sleep about a honeymoon with Lucus. Arelia took a moment to ponder on her time with Lucus when she had been trapped in the past by Louis. Then she took a spiritual bath before heading downstairs. Henri greeted her in the kitchen and informed her that Bea and Mae were having a chat. Arelia was ecstatic that they were finally communicating. Arelia grabbed her breakfast and headed to the garden where she was stopped by Ivan.

“So how was it on the other side? Who did you see?”

Arelia huffed about there being no “other side”. She wanted Ivan to leave, but he just kept following her deeper into the garden.

“I just want to know what you saw, why can’t you tell me?…”

OF COURSE he wants to know – he’s the one that sent her there!!

Arelia agreed to tell him if he left her alone. She spoke of seeing a man that was fiercely in love, was kind, and hardworking. Aunt Mae interrupted then and sent Ivan away to change. Arelia confessed to Mae that she had no idea how to find Louis. Mae recommended Come to Me oil. The oil would make Louis want to kiss her, and he’d be willing to answer all Arelia’s questions just to get that kiss. Arelia had a quick thought of using it on Lucus, and Mae told her that wasn’t necessary. Mae left Arelia to get the supplies. It was Mr. Dumpty’s birthday, and there was to be a party for him. Mae returned and told Arelia to wear the oil to the party. Arelia questioned whether it would all work. Mae told her to have faith and reminded Arelia that her thoughts were her most powerful weapon.

I feel certain that we’re about to discover that Ivan is indeed Louis!! I’m extremely curious to see how this whole thing with Louis/Ivan plays out!!

Remeber to be thinking of another book you’d like us to read & discuss together. If I pick your book and you participate in the discussions, then I’ll have a little prize for ya.

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Discussing Punished ~ Ch. 25


We’re up to chapter 25! Only 4 more chapters left!!

Ch 25 Re-birth

Arelia could hear someone calling her name. She awoke to Grand-mere Bea, Aunt Mae, Henri, Sabrina, Lucus and Tony. Arelia had been out 3 WHOLE DAYS!! She found herself staring at Lucus wishing he’d remember the kiss somehow. Mae had called Bea, and that’s why she was present. Grand-mere Bea asked for a moment of privacy with Arelia to inform her that they were leaving.

“Grand-mere, I’m tired of running…”

Bea understood why Arelia felt she needed to stay, but Bea still wasn’t happy about it. Arelia told her Grand-mere that it was time to forgive her sister, and then Arelia told Bea all about what had happened during her trip to the past. She didn’t, however, share her kiss with Lucus, but she told Bea how different he had been – how alive.

“…He needs someone like you.”

Arelia was surprised that her Grand-mere approved, but Bea told her how Lucus had been pacing outside her door for the past three days.

“I think I’m falling in love with him, and I don’t know how to tell Sabrina,”…


Grand-mere Bea stressed to Arelia that she really needed to fess up to Sabrina. Then, Sabrina herself interrupts – impatient to talk to Arelia. Sabrina asked what happened, and Arelia told her she was fine and distracted Sabrina – as per usual. Then Arelia let Sabrina gush over Lucus a while. I had hoped Arelia was ready to finally speak up about Lucus!
That night Arelia and Sabrina both fell asleep in Grand-mere Bea’s arms.

So….I’m aggravated that Arelia didn’t go ahead and fess up to Sabrina. BUT, I think she is finally about to. I hope I’m not mistaken. I don’t know how much more of that crap I can take! Oh, and I’m certain she’ll discover that Ivan is Louis. I wonder how Arelia will react to that?

Happy Reading,

Discussing Punished ~ Ch. 24


Chapter 24. Just 5 more chapters left!

Ch. 24 Gran-Ibo
We finished chapter 23 with Arelia finally leaving Lucus. She then waded through to the swamp in search of Gran-Ibo – the one and only spirit able to help her find her way back.

“Did you bring food for me and my canary?”

Arelia let Gran-Ibo know she brought cornbread and blue-grey candles. Gran-Ibo then invited her in, but Arelia had no clue where “in” was. Turns out “in” was in a tree – Gran-Ibo’s home.

Kira really impresses me with the great descriptions she gives – of both the the spirits and the setting. She’s able to do it well, too, without droning on for a long time as some authors do with their descriptions.

Arelia sat down and ate with Gran-Ibo and her canary Sammie, who had in fact made the gumbo. After dinner, Gran-Ibo asked Arelia why she wanted to go back, and Arelia said because she wasn’t a slave.

“Everyone is a slave to one thing or another. What you experienced was physical slavery. Just because you go back to your own time, it doesn’t mean you still won’t be a prisoner.” – I LOVE this quote!

Gran-Ibo then asked Arelia what she was a slave to, and Arelia admitted to being afraid of not being good enough. Gran-Ibo said she’d only send Arelia back if she promised to set herself free. Gran-Ibo told Arelia she needed to stand up for herself and she needed to go after the one she loved. Gran-Ibo then went on about Louis not really being evil – just sad and angry because of what he’d went through.

“You can’t love one without feeling something for the other.”

Is Gran-Ibo saying this because Louis and Lucus are both trapped, or is something else going on?

Arelia was finding it impossible now to forgive Louis after Gran-Ibo informed Arelia that Louis was the one that called Sousson Pannan. Between that and Louis trying to trap a part of her soul in the past, Arelia was furious. Gran-Ibo patiently described how Louis had been testing her strength, and he knew that Arelia was strong enough to get back to her present-day body. Gran-Ibo explained to Arelia how she needed to find Louis and bind his powers until she could trust him. She was to use Black Arts Oil. She had to carry it with her at all times and then place it on her lips when she came in contact with Louis and kiss him.

Arelia whined about the smell of the oil, and I love how Sammie kept putting Arelia in her place. Finally Gran-Ibo said she could return home.

I can’t wait to see how Arelia is going to behave when she gets back. I really hope she can start standing up for herself – without being a witch about it (no pun intended).

Discussing Punished Ch. 23 Beautiful Spirit


Thanks for joining us! We’re on chapter 23 now – almost through with this book. Please give me some recommendations for our next book discussion. If you’re the first person to recommend a book I choose, and you participate in the discussion, then I’ll have a little prize for ya.

Ch. 23 Beautiful Spirit

After regaining her composure Arelia noticed the big house was all lit up. A ball was taking place. Voices floated from the front porch. Arelia wondered if Lucus was in attendance. She also wondered how he’d take her in her present state – covered in mud and blood.

“You don’t have time, Arelia. Come here,”…

Brise tried to hurry Arelia along. She told him about keeping her previous promise to him; she had told Erzulie about him.

“Thank you, Arelia LaRue,…She thinks I’m beautiful. She called an ugly spirit like me beautiful.”

Brise then told her that the one who could help her was the one she loved. Arelia was frustrated by this – not having a clue who or what he was talking about.

“Lucus,…Silly Arelia, you leave a little piece of your soul behind everywhere you go, and in every year you live.”

Someone interrupts.

“Are you a spirit?”

Lucus. He was leaning against a tree drinking from a bottle of whiskey. Arelia was shocked at how different Lucus looked. This Lucus didn’t carry around the sadness that the present-day Lucus was buried under. Arelia told him that she was a spirit and needed to find the swamp. Lucus assured her that he’d help, but then questioned her about her bleeding. Arelia informed him that spirits were capable of bleeding. Lucus used his jacket and some of his whiskey to clean the blood off her face. He then asked her about her hand and ripped off one of his shirt sleeves to wrap her hand.

“Why aren’t you at the party?”

“She’s not there. Can you believe she said she was too busy to see me tonight? So I’ve decided to drink her away.”

Arelia couldn’t imagine how anyone would stand Lucus up. He told Arelia that the girl may be in love with someone else, but that he suddenly couldn’t even remember the girl’s name. Lucus then professed to not imagining his life without Arelia and wanted to show her New Orleans. Arelia questioned his sanity. He responded by pulling her close.

“Not insane, I simply know what I want, and I want you.”

Lucus tried to kiss her, but she stopped him. Arelia found herself wishing she could go see New Orleans with this happy Lucus. Brise warned her that she needed to get going, but Lucus continued his coaxing as he buried his face in her neck. They continued flirting and Arelia found she immensely enjoyed it. Lucus said he’d follow her anywhere – even to live with her in the swamp.
Bade then cut in to warn Arelia, but Arelia continued to be distracted by Lucus. She finally convinces him that she needs to leave. He starts taking her towards the swamp, but then stops.

“I would do anything to make you stay,”…

Arelia told him that she was a spirit and had to go back where she came from. Lucus ran his fingers through her hair, cupped her cheeks, wrapped her in his arms and kissed her. She thought of how easy it would be to just stay in his arms forever.
Bade warned that she’d be trapped.
Brise ordered her to get to the swamp.
Arelia reluctantly pulled back.

“Will I ever see you again, beautiful spirit?”

Arelia thought with jealousy that he wouldn’t even remember her in the morning due to his drunken state.
Lucus yelled out to her that they belonged together and that she’d come back to him – that he LOVED her. Arelia said that they’d barely had five minutes together, but Lucus said it was more than enough for him. {I thought of his parent’s story.}
Arelia walked away and whispered these words:

“Be safe, Lucus LaPlante,…You’re a beautiful spirit, too. I’m sorry I can’t stay and save you from your miserable fate. I can’t wait to see you again.”

So we get Lucus back. I missed him – despite all of Arelia’s silliness. It’s crazy that they finally kiss & it’s in the past. I’m hoping this will change her behavior towards him in the present! Ican’t believe that she still couldn’t even bring herself to tell him that she loved him there in the past. I liked this more aggressive Lucus of the past, but I also love the maturity in the present-day Lucus. I hope when things finally get resolved for Arelia and Lucus that the story won’t just end there.