Hero Hobbies/Hot Jobs

So, I’ve been pondering heroes and their hobbies lately and/or jobs. I got to thinking how this can be very much like locations in a book. Often I’ll hear readers comment about how they loved reading a book set in a location that they live in or have lived in in the past – at least when it’s well-written and they recognize things. I was thinking about how hobbies or jobs can be very similar. For instance, my hubby races dirt track cars, and I was thinking about how I would love to read a book where the hero did the same.


There’ve even been reality TV shows based around some dirt tracks. I always thought that it would make for a great book!

Another big thing in our family in hunting. I promise not to show any pics for those of you that might be offended by it, at least not of any animals. I have to share this cute pic of one of my kids showing how he hunts. HeHe


There are some books where hunting is mentioned, but I don’t know that I’ve read one where it’s been painted in a good light. It’s a way of life for a lot of us southerners. It puts food on the table. Either way, I know there are lots of southern girls who would be all about a hunting – live off the land type hero.

Then there are things that don’t remind me of my hubby, but remind me of other things that are special to me. For instance, I once read a book about a Baltimore firefighter, and it really sucked me in. My grandfather retired with the Baltimore fire department. Because of that connection, I really embraced the character.

So, I’m curious. Are they any hobbies and/or jobs you wish you saw more of in books? Any that you love to read about in particular? Or, maybe there are hobbies/jobs that annoy you, or that you think are used too much??

Happy Reading,