Review ~ The Will


Title: The Will

Series: Magdalene #1

Author: Kristen Ashley

Publication Date: April 8, 2014

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Early in her life, Josephine Malone learned the hard way that there was only one person she could love and trust: her grandmother, Lydia Malone. Out of necessity, unconsciously and very successfully, Josephine donned a disguise to keep all others at bay. She led a globetrotting lifestyle on the fringes of the fashion and music elite, but she kept herself distant.

While Josephine was trotting the globe, retired boxer Jake Spear was living in the same small town as Lydia. There was nothing disguised about Jake. Including the fact he made a habit of making very bad decisions about who to give his love.

But for Josephine and Jake, there was one person who adored them. One person who knew how to lead them to happiness. And one person who was intent on doing it.

Even if she had to do it as her final wish on this earth.

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My ****4.5**** Star Review

I love Kristen Ashley’s writng style. There were times that Ashley really appealed to my senses and made me feel like I was right there in the story. I loved the unpredictableness of the story. I constantly had the feeling that I knew what was coming, but I was ALWAYS wrong! It was awesome!

Sometimes Josephine comes off as a bit vain. But, she has such a HUGE heart that shines through, and not just for Jake. You can’t help but want great things for her. she has an endearing klutziness, and she’s very naive to the real world after spending so much time in posh society. There were a couple times that her actions or thoughts seemed to contradict her personality, but these moments were few. The book is mostly from her perspective, but sometimes you’re graced with Jake’s.

I love Jake. The only complaint revolves around the alphaness. Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE alpha males. Ok, so the only other books I’ve read of Ashley’s so far is her Unfinished Hero series. I just noticed when reading those, and this book, that her males seem to all talk alike. They all like to drop pronoun usage for instance. Here’s an example: “Hair looks good down, honey.” Most people would have said “Your” at the beginning. Now, of course, we tend to all drop pronouns from time to time. I’m just pointing this out because it seems like her alphas do this consistently, so it stands out, and tends to make her alphas seem a little to similar in speech for me. Now that I’ve pointed that out, while Jake’s speech was too similar to other characters for me, he still has a very distinct personality that shines through! I loved that his love for both Josephine and his children shines brightly!

I laughed. A LOT!!! There were some really great exchanges that just had me giddy, too, and one of these was with minor characters. There are multiple minor characters that play big roles in this story, and I’m impressed with how well developed they are. The overall family dynamics you see with Jake and his kids is great, too!

So, while this book had some things that I thought could have been improved on, the overall book was wonderful! 4.5 Beautiful stars!! I cannot wait to dig into book 2, Soaring!!

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Review ~ Driven by K. Bromberg (*Adult Content*)


Title: Driven

Series: Driven #1

Author: K. Bromberg

Publication Date: May 8, 2013

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Rylee Thomas is used to being in control. But she’s about to meet the one man that just might make her enjoy losing it…

I am the exception to the rule.

In a world full of willing women, I’m a challenge to the roguish and achingly handsome Colton Donavan. A man used to getting exactly what he wants in all aspects of life. He’s the reckless bad boy constantly skating that razor thin edge toward out of control, on and off of the track.

Colton crashes into my life like a tornado: sapping my control, testing my vulnerabilities beyond their limits, and unintentionally penetrating the protective wall around my healing heart. Tearing apart the world I rebuilt so carefully with structure, predictability, and discipline.

I can’t give him what he wants and he can’t give me what I need. But after a glimpse beneath his refined exterior into the dark secrets of his damaged soul, can I bring myself to walk away?

Our sexual chemistry is undeniable. Our individual need for complete control is irrefutable. But when our worlds collide, is the chemistry enough to bring us together or will our untold secrets and battle of wills force us apart?

My ****4 Star**** Review

First I’m going to have to say that this is very 50 Shades fan fiction as 50 Shades is Twilight fan fic. So, keep that in mind coming into it, because you will see LOADS of similarities. Some of you will love that, and some will hate it.

For me, it was fine. I didn’t expect it going in, but I hadn’t read any reviews prior to reading this either.

It opens with an intriguing first scene and kept me interested from that point forward. It’s an easy fast-paced read.

I felt connected to both Rylee and Colton, but there were many times that I was completely agitated with their behavior. I found myself asking why Rylee didn’t question this, or why isn’t Rylee pissed? But, when Rylee and Colton are hooking up there’s plenty of steaminess. There’s also a couple moments where Colton let his sweet side loose and had me sighing.

So, while these characters held my connection and kept me cheering me on, they also frustrated me. With the major cliffhanger I had to immediately pick up the second book in the trilogy, though.

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Review ~ Consequences by Aleatha Romig


Title: Consequences

Series: Consequences #1

Author: Aleatha Romig

Release Date: Aug. 5, 2011

Genre: Contemporary Dark Suspense/Thriller/Erotic

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Aleatha Romig comes a suspenseful thriller about secrets and deception, passion and love, choices and consequences.

Every action has consequences.

Waking in an unfamiliar bedroom in a luxurious mansion, Claire Nichols is terrified to discover that a chance encounter led her into the cruel hands of her abductor, Anthony Rawlings. Claire has no understanding of why she’s there, but it’s been made abundantly clear–she is now his acquisition and every action has consequences.

Learn the rules to survive.

Facing incomprehensible circumstances, Claire must learn to survive her new reality–every aspect of her livelihood depends upon the tall, dark-eyed tycoon who is a true master of deception. Driven by unknown demons, he has no tolerance for imperfection, in any aspect of his life, including his recent acquisition. Anthony may appear to the world as a handsome, benevolent businessman, but in reality Claire knows firsthand that he’s a menacing, controlling captor with very strict rules: do as you’re told, public failure is not an option, and appearances are of the utmost importance.

Captivate the captor.

To fit together the pieces of the puzzle, Claire must follow his rules. Will her plan work, or will Anthony become enthralled by Claire’s beauty, resilience, and determination, changing the game forever? If that happens, will either of them survive the consequences?

Nobody ever did or ever will escape the consequences of his choices.–Alfred A. Montapert

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My ****4 Star**** Review

Wow. This was a twisted one! If you like dark and mysterious then this may be the book for you. If you like spinning psychological tales where you can’t tell who the bad guy is or what’s really happening, then this may be for you.

I have to confess that I put this book down almost half way through, and didn’t pick it back up for quite a while. I couldn’t see where it was going and it was driving me crazy. I actually took a peak at the ending to see if I liked where it was going and determined I didn’t.

Well, after reading a review for the most recent book in the series, I realized I didn’t at all know where the story was going. The end of book one was misleading. So, I decided to give it another try.

Turns out I had put the book down right before things started getting interesting. And that ending? Well, I had COMPLETELY misinterpreted it because there were key details I didn’t know yet.

Am I happy I picked it back up? Yes. Will I continue with the series? Maybe. Okay, probably. It’s not one where I’m dying to know what’s next, but I’m definitely intrigued. I’m just not sure if I can handle the mind assault at this moment.


I’ve been reading a LOT of books like this lately – books where you just can’t figure out what on earth is going on. The Nocte series, Mud Vein, and Never,Never. I’m sure I can add more to the list, but these are all books I’ve read this year. This seems to be a growing trend, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I’m one to flip to the end because I’m dying to know if things will work out okay, and in these books, things aren’t always okay. I can handle that every now and then, but I feel like my mind needs a break – like I need to get lost in a sappy love story where everything is hunky dory. That’s hilarious, because usually those are boring….

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Review ~ Obsession by Jennifer L. Armentrout

*WARNING ~ this post contains images that may not be appropriate for children.*

Title: Obsession

Series: Stand alone spin-off of Lux series

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Release Date: May 31, 2013

Genre: Paranormal/Sci-fi Romance

This is a stand alone novel that is an adult spin-off of the Lux Series You do not need to read a Lux book to read Obsession and vice versa.

He’s arrogant, domineering, and… To. Die. For.

Hunter is a ruthless killer. And the Department of Defense has him firmly in their grasp, which usually doesn’t chafe too badly because he gets to kill bad guys. Most of the time he enjoys his job. That is, until he’s saddled with something he’s never had to do before: protect a human from his mortal enemy.

Serena Cross didn’t believe her best friend when she claimed to have seen the son of a powerful senator turn into something… unnatural. Who would? But then she witnesses her friend’s murder at the hands of what can only be an alien, thrusting her into a world that will kill to protect their secret.

Hunter stirs Serena’s temper and her lust despite their differences. Soon he’s doing the unthinkable—breaking the rules he’s lived by, going against the government to keep Serena safe. But are the aliens and the government the biggest threats to Serena’s life… or is it Hunter?

My ****4 Star**** Review

As you can pick up from the blurb, this is an ADULT(I’m talking lots of steaminess) stand alone spin-off from JLA’s Lux series. However, I highly recommend the WHOLE Lux series, and that you read this book right before the last book in the Lux series, Opposition.

So let’s talk Hunter. I can start with saying that if he was a real man, I’d be pressing some charges if I was Serena. BUT, somehow he still comes off as totally hot and sexy in the book. There were multiple places in the book that I was astounded at how I was still pulling for him.

Oh, but the sexual tension between the two of them is so very strong. It permeates the whole story, and I have to admit that there was a time or two where I wanted it to become less of the focus. When they do come together, though, it’s so very spicy!

Aside from that, I really enjoyed the little bit of parallel happening between this story and Origin. I liked getting another perspective about what was happening. Then of course there are clues for the final book in the Lux series.

So, this was a constant page turner for me, as is every other book I’ve read from Ms. Armentrout. No shocker there! If you’re into paranormal romance, then I couldn’t recommend this or her Lux series enough!

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Review ~ Creed by Kristen Ashley


Way too young, eleven year old Tucker Creed and his six year old neighbor, Sylvie Bissenette, find they have something awful in common. Creed then decides he’s going to do everything in his limited power to shield his Sylvie from her ordeal. So he does and Creed and Sylvie form a bond that grows and blossoms with their ages.

They plot to leave their lives behind, the town they live in that will hold them down and the histories they share that, unless they break free, will bury them. Sylvie goes to their special place, Creed never shows and she doesn’t see him again until it’s too late.

With Creed gone, Sylvie is forced to endure a nightmare and do the unspeakable to end it. To deal, she develops a hard shell with sharp edges that very few can break through. So when Creed again finds his Sylvie, he discovers the girl he loved is locked away and he has to find his way back into her heart without getting shredded in the process.

Published: September 14, 2012

My ****4.5 Star**** Review

HOT. STEAMY. and totally KICK BUTT. Sylvie is tough – literally and figuratively. She can take down men with a speed that leaves her bulky male cohorts in awe. She’s had to become tough, though. It was that or die. She had to endure a horrific 6 years, and to make matters worse, her own father was responsible for it. Beyond that she had to go 16 years wondering why the only person she ever loved betrayed her.

Creed had to endure his own torture, though. Now that he’s found Sylvie, there’s no way he’s letting her go. He’s willing to make it all about the sex (which is SMOKIN’), but only for a little while. He’s determined to crack Sylvie’s hard exterior. Creed will do absolutely anything for Sylvie, and that’ll leave you melting. He’s all hard, tough guy, calls the shots himself, too. While he’ll do anything for Sylvie, he’s still totally alpha. There’s no whiny little boys here!

I totally recommend this to ladies looking for a very steamy alpha boyfriend that’ll do anything for his women. I also recommend this to all the ladies looking for a tough inspiring heroin that doesn’t let anything beat her down! While this book takes place after Knight the first book in the Unfinished Heroes series, it can be read as a stand-alone. I won my copy of the book, and was not asked to review. I just wanted to share!

About the Author ~ Kristen Ashley


Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA. She nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck (already attempting to accessorise and she hadn’t taken her first breath!).

Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana but has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England. Thus she has been blessed to have friends and family around the globe. Her posse is loopy (to say the least) but loopy is good when you want to write.

Kristen was raised in a house with a large and multi-generational family. They lived on a very small farm in a small town in the heartland and existed amongst the strains of Glenn Miller, The Everly Brothers, REO Speedwagon and Whitesnake (and the wardrobes that matched).

Needless to say, growing up in a house full of music, clothes and love was a good way to grow up.

And as she keeps growing up, it keeps getting better.

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Review ~ Beast Part 1 by Ella James


At twenty-one years old, third-generation movie star Cal Hammond was on top of the world. He had more money than God and more women than any man could need. But when a night of debauchery ends in tragedy, he forfeits a life of luxury for a ten-year prison sentence at La Rosa, California’s most violent prison.

Eight years later, a ruthless, cunning man runs La Rosa from the inside. He is known simply as BEAST. All the wardens fear him. All the gangs obey him. He speaks to no one but his inner council. What he says is law.

Annabelle Mitchell’s father is the warden at La Rosa. He deals as dirty as his trustees, and after years of smooth relations with Beast and the gangs he runs, Holt lands on the powerful prisoner’s hit list. That very afternoon, Annabelle pays a surprise visit to her father’s work, hoping to use her new counseling license at a place she thinks she could make a difference. When she catches Beast’s eye, he releases the warden and grabs the daughter. The price for the warden’s error is not death. It’s his precious Belle.

My ****4 Star**** Review

This novella is just 65 pages long in ebook format, so I don’t know that I have tons to say about it, but I’ll have a go at it. First thing, I have seen a couple reviewers rave about this one. I’m not going to. Nothing against them or the book, because it’s really just a matter of tastes. I’ll say that in one aspect I’m put off completely by Beast’s character, and yet it’s like a train wreck that I can’t help watching. I still have to keep reading to know what’s going to happen next, and so I give the 4 stars. Is this one of those stories that I could go on and on about how in love I am with the hero? No, I’d even say that as of right now, there is no hero in this story, unless of course you’re looking for a giver of good sex. But, when that comes from the man that can beat your dad to a pulp in front of you, that hot factor loses its steam.

I must be a gluten for punishment, though, as I’ve already picked up the next book…

About the Author ~ Ella James

Ella James is a Colorado author who writes teen and adult romance. She is happily married to a man who knows how to wield a red pen, and together they are raising a feisty two-year-old who will probably grow up believing everyone’s parents go to war over the placement of a comma.

Ella’s books have been listed on numerous Amazon bestseller lists, including the Movers & Shakers list and the Amazon Top 100; two were listed among Amazon’s Top 100 Young Adult Ebooks of 2012.

To find out more about Ella’s projects and get dates on upcoming releases, find her on Facebook at and follow her blog, Questions or comments? Tweet her at author_ellaj or e-mail her at

Ella is represented by Rebecca Friedman of the Hill Nadell Literary Agency.

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Review ~ Veiled Innocence by Ella Frank

Veiled Innocence


Tick, tick, tock.


That’s all I have now.

A small room, a photograph, and time.

They want me to trust them and confess my sins.

They told me they wouldn’t judge me—they lied.

I thought we could convince the world that this wasn’t a crime.

We were wrong.

Time doesn’t stand still.

The clock keeps ticking, the world is unconvinced, and now…

Now he is gone.

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My ****4.5 Star**** Review

This was a powerful read! I won this book in a contest and picked it up to read without even reading a blurb. So, I had no clue that I was about to enter into the land of the taboo. This book will really leave you wrestling with right and wrong, and it doesn’t matter which side you fall on. Ella Frank did such an amazing job writing it that there’s no way she didn’t change some minds.

So, what is the taboo subject?? – an inappropriate teacher/student relationship. The characters?? The book starts with Addison. Addison is one cocky, confident, sexy seductress for an 18yr old, or maybe she isn’t. Then there’s Mr. McKendrick, the history teacher. He’s just in town for a year to spend time with his dying father. He’s not looking for any sort of relationship, especially not one with a student.

A forbidden relationship isn’t the only thing enclosed within the spine of this book, either. Death, physical abuse, attempted suicide, and mental breakdowns are aplenty.

You get the point of views of both Addy and Mr. McKendrick giving you a good taste of the struggles they’re both facing. This is one heck of a roller coaster ride! You can expect strong language and graphic sex scenes not appropriate for minors. Don’t confuse this book as pure erotic, though. This is one of those books where the sex scenes are important to the overall story.

So why not the extra half star? This book isn’t missing much. I’m just not sure that it’s one that I’d want to pick up and read over and over again. I reserve my rare 5 stars for those. Does that mean I won’t ever read this again? Absolutely not!

Who do I recommend this to? Romance readers that aren’t afraid of taboo subjects. However, I normally shy away from those taboo subjects and I love this book, so I would recommend it to any romance lover willing to take a risk.

This was my first Ella Frank novel, but it definitely won’t be my last!

Where to find the Author ~ Ella Frank

Twitter: @EllaFrank2012

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