Discussing Punished ~ Ch. 27


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Ch. 27 I Vow Not to Be a Psychopath

The whole house was busy preparing for Mr. Dumpty’s party. Arelia didn’t have the opportunity all day to chat with Lucus, and she missed him. She was in her room getting ready for the party listening to Sabrina go on about what lingerie to wear for Lucus. Arelia suggested that Sabrina take things slow, and Sabrina said she couldn’t wait any longer. I was so excited about what Arelia said next!

“Maybe he’s not interested in you,”…

Sabrina immediately started questioning Areila, and of course, Arelia backed right down. I was proud of her, though, in that she didn’t take back what she had said. That was at least a step in the right direction.
Sabrina suggested a dress for Arelia, and then mentioned that Arelia might want to work things out with Tony. This only made Arelia think of how she had changed over the last few days. She found she no longer feared Mrs. Dreaux. She wasn’t going to put up with any more of their crap. She was done with feeling inferior. She was getting bolder!

I wanted Lucus, and I wasn’t afaid to admit that anymore.

Arelia quickly reminded herself that she’d probably chicken out when she actually saw Lucus, but she realized she was finally headed in the right direction. She vowed not to be a psychopath towards him anymore at the very least.
Then Arelia started getting a bad feeling about the night ahead, except it didn’t have anything to do with Lucus. She was worried about Louis. She started questioning everything again, but then gave herself a pep talk. She put on the Come to Me Oil and slipped the Black Arts Oil in her bra. Then she reflected on what Gran-Ibo had told her.

…I can’t feel something for one without having feelings for the other.

I’m still trying to figure that out! Then Arelia left Sabrina to finish getting ready while she headed downstairs for the party.

Whew!! FINALLY Arelia is starting to behave a little more like someone I appreciate. She’s getting a backbone – albeit it’s pretty crooked right now, but at least it’s finally there!! With the book almost over, it’s obvious it’ll be another big cliffhanger. At least I don’t have to wait on the next book!

What do y’all think about Arelia’s sudden change of heart?

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