ARCs for 5 STAR Reviews

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I received an email last week that disturbed me. I’ve read about this sort of thing, but never experienced it first hand. The email promised all the ARCs I could want from a list of authors in exchange for 5 star reviews. I’m not a name names type person, and I honestly don’t even remember which author sent the email now. I should have checked before deleting it just so I remember I can’t trust their reviews. But, that’s exactly my point!

How on earth is that ethical? Now, to be fair, the author stated that if I wasn’t willing to give a 5 star review, then I could email her with feedback. She didn’t want the books reviewed, though, unless I’d give them 5 stars.

Is there a good side to this I’m not seeing?

This just seems like buying 5 star reviews to me. If I give a 5 star review, then I just absolutely LOVED the book. I don’t give them often. Plus, I wouldn’t trust another reviewer that did. The reviewers I follow are like me and save the 5 stars for those rare gems- NOT just any decent book.

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So, what do you think? Is there a good side I’m not seeing? Or, do you agree, and this is just WRONG!

Happy Reading,