Reviewers Wanted!!

Help Wanted - Joey

First, I have to say a big Thank You to my awesome 9 yr old son who created that awesome image above. You Rock!

Ok, so I’m taking a leap here! I’ve gone at this whole thing completely solo, but I’m thinking it’s time to add some reviewers. I get so many requests for reviews that I constantly have to turn people away, and I hate doing that.

>You can be a blogger yourself, but I ask that all reviews placed on my blog stay on my blog only. You can share to Goodreads, Amazon, etc. – just no other blogs. I like my content to be original. I do not mind you making references to your blog in your posts. I just ask that you likewise share my blog on yours. Win! Win!

>You do NOT have to be a blogger. I’m just looking for someone who loves books and wants to talk about them.

>Clean images. I try to keep my site somewhat family friendly. I’ve read many books with erotic elements, but I just try to stick to covers that won’t have moms embarassed when their kids walk by.

>Respectful and honest reviews. I believe in encouraging authors, not tearing them down. On the other hand, I don’t believe in praising a book just because I love the author.

>Must be able to accept ebooks.

What’s in it for you? Books! I have more books than can be read in a lifetime I think. You’ll have the liberty to accept or decline any book I throw your way. Second, connections. If you’re a blogger, then this might be a bigger incentive than the books! You can share occasional reviews, and pump up your own website in the process.

Interested? Shoot me an email at Please put “Reviewer Help” in the subject. Then tell me a little about yourself. Are you a blogger or just love reading? Which genres do you enjoy? Then I’d like to see a review of yours. If you already have some online, a link will do. If not, then write up one and include it in the email.

All reviews will go through me, and I’ll have the option to accept, decline, or edit. I will never change your words without your approval, so no need to fear that!

Look forward to hearing from you!

Happy Reading,