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$15 Books

  • The Year We Fell Down by Sarina Bowen (PB, S)

$5 Books

  • The Bet by Rachel Van Dyken (PB, S)
  • Creed by Kristen Ashley (PB, S)
  • Knight by Kristen Ashley (PB, S)
  • Raid by Kristen Ashley (PB, S)
  • Tempt the Beast by Alexandra Banks (OOP, PB, S)
  • Tempt the Beauty by Alexandra Banks (OOP, PB, S)
  • Tempt the Wolf by Alexandra Banks (OOP, PB, S)

$4 Books

  • Indiscretion by Hannah Fielding (PB)
  • Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn (PB)

$2 Books

  • Chance of a Lifetime by Jude Devereaux (PB)
  • Legacy by Danielle Steel (PB)
  • Manwhore by Katy Evans (PB)
  • Midnight on Julia Street by Ciji Ware (PB)
  • Ozark Weddings by Higman & Thompson (PB)
  • Promise, Texas by Debbie Macomber (PB)
  • Sins & Needles by Karina Halle (PB)
  • Son of the Morning by Linda Howard (HC)
  • Thoughtful by S.C. Stephens (PB)

$1 Books

  • Accident by Danielle Steel (PB)
  • Bittersweet by Danielle Steel (PB)
  • Catching Rainbows by Wynema McGowan (PB)
  • Death Angel by Linda Howard (PB)
  • Dream Weaver by Laurel Collins (PB)
  • Exclusive by Sandra Brown (PB)
  • In a Class by Sandra Brown (PB)
  • The Long Road Home by Danielle Steel (PB)
  • Married in Seattle by Debbie Macomber (PB)
  • Michael’s Discovery by Sherryl Woods (PB)
  • Missing by Debra Webb (PB)
  • Montana Red by Genell Dellin (PB)
  • Restless Hearts by Marta Perry (PB)
  • Searching for Santa by Janet Dailey (PB)
  • Season of Passion by Danielle Steel (PB)
  • Secrets in Texas by Carrie Weaver (PB)
  • Send No Flowers by Sandra Brown (PB)
  • The Summer I Dared by Barbara Delinsky
  • Taming the Sheik by Carol Grace (PB)
  • Where There’s a Will by Day Leclaire (PB)
  • Years by LaVyrle Spencer (PB)

$0.50 Books

  • Beguiling Ways by Lynda Trent (PB)
  • An Independent Wife by Linda Howard (PB)
  • A Nurse on Horseback by Adelaide Humphries (PB)
  • That Burke Man by Diana Palmer (PB)
  • The Venetian Necklace by Anna James (PB)
  • OOP – Out of Print
  • HC – Hardcover
  • PB – Paperback
  • S – Signed by the author