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Let me start by saying that this is a book to movie comparison. If you haven’t read the book, there WILL BE SPOILERS!! Also, if you don’t want to know what changes, additions and such there are in the movie, then by all means don’t read this post.

However, if you’re just interested in my humble opinion, or if you’re just wanting to know how it matched up, then this is for you!

OVERALL, I was quite pleased with the movie. I felt like a lot of the key elements I was looking for were there. There were very few changes, but I was happy with them. I especially loved the contract negotiation scene, which takes place at his business rather than the restaurant. It was a fun scene, though, and still kept with the heart of what was going on between them. Now of course, tons of scenes were deleted or shortened, but with the movie already being 2 hours that was understandable. I would have happily sat through 2 more hours, though! I even had to look at the time when I got out of the theater because it felt like I’d only been in there an hour. Time just flew by as I was absorbing every detail.

Well, almost every detail. I could have done with a little bit less of Dakota’s tits. That’s my personal opinion, though. I wanted the sex scenes in there, but I would have preferred not too have to see so much of her body up close and personal. I felt like I knew her body as well as Jamie does now. Again, personally speaking, I would have preferred scenes that were more along the lines of the previews – enough to know what’s happening without seeing it happen. I’m one of those that doesn’t mind reading about it, but that doesn’t mean I want to SEE the acts up close and personal. I’d say it’s as graphic as possible without going from an R rating to a XXX rating. I do think there are a lot of fans that won’t mind this a bit. I’m not complaining. I knew it was a possibility going in.

Speaking of Dakota, I was thoroughly impressed! I wasn’t crazy about her in the previews, but she completely won me over! She made the movie! I’d even say there were times when she carried the movie. I’ve seen some reviews dogging Jamie, and I couldn’t by any means go that far. I definitely thought he was good enough. Could he have been better? Yes. But, he was good enough that I was still very pleased with the movie, and I expect even better things from Jamie as the future movies are made.

Another thing I loved was all of the lines pulled directly from the book. I was able to finish a few sentences as they were being said as if I’d already seen the movie tons of times. LOVED that ~ although I’m not sure if the dude sitting next to me appreciated it.

Oh, and if there was one scene I could have added, it would have been after the graduation when Christian walks up on Ana with Ethan, Kate’s brother. I love when Christian puts his hand out saying, “Ana, baby,” calling her to him. I was sad not to get that little display of dominance.

And finally, I have to say I loved the way they ended the movie. I didn’t think I’d like it ending on the cliffhanger, but I thought it was good. When Ana’s leaving him for the final good-bye, it closes with him seeing her at the elevator the same as when she leaves his office that first time they meet. Same words. “Anastasia.” “Christian.”

Things are currently a little up in the air concerning the filming of Fifty Shades Darker, though, as James and director Sam Taylor-Johnson reportedly didn’t get along during the filming with different views as to how it should play out on screen. It’s been stated that James was looking for more sex scenes. My. My. I’m going to have to admit that I’m glad there weren’t. LOL! But, I fell in love with the back story (so to speak) of Fifty Shades. Not, that the sex scenes weren’t completely HOT, but I just wasn’t looking for a porn. I wanted the story behind it.

So, did I get that story? Yes. You just get the sex, too. Nonetheless, I’ll be anxiously awaiting the next film!

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Stacking the Shelves #8

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews.

My “Physical” Purchases

50 Shades 50 Shades Darker 50 Shades Freed
Maze Runner real mine

best of me

I’ve had the Fifty Shades Trilogy on my kindle, but I finally got physical copies! I’m wanting to read The Maze Runner before it comes out in the theater. I know I’m cutting it short there. The Sign of the Beaver is one my oldest son is going to read, and then I’ll read it when he’s finished (or maybe during the hours he isn’t reading it).

Kindle Purchases


Wallbanger is one that I’ve been hearing everyone talk about how good it was, but I kept wondering what I was missing. That was until I discovered that the “Wallbanger” I thought I read wasn’t really Wallbanger. It was another book with a similar title. So, now that I’ve caught on to my error, I’m going to give it a try!

I really should clarify by stating that this is the only kindle book I paid for. I downloaded a TON of free kindle books this week. I also won a few ebooks this week.

What did you stack your shelves with this week?

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