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Title: Mountain Road
Author: Hoover Liddell
Publisher: iUniverse
Genre: Biography/Memoir
Pages: 360

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In traversing the earth and living with the wilderness from Africa to the California Sierras, author Hoover Liddell came to realize the great energy of youth as we struggle to educate our planet and ourselves. Mountain Road is his journey of life and travel through the planet’s cities and towns as well as his time in San Francisco and living inside its schools. From a mountain road out of Africa, humankind continues its journey into a timeless universe. Human freedom is not dwelling in the past or the future but in the remarkableness and freshness of the present, where the adventure is.

His journey from the Nigerian rainforests and desert across Africa through the Serengeti plains and the mountain road of Kilimanjaro takes him to the mountains of the Sierras. In his expeditions he discovers moments of vibrant energy and days of staying alive that are more profound than all the years of teaching in the schools. He finds the wilderness empowers us to find our own way and deepens our capabilities as we educate ourselves and the earth.
Of what meaning is school or life itself if we are not serious and motivated for the adventure to educate the planet?

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About the Author ~ Hoover Liddell

Hoover Liddell has been a mathematics teacher in Africa and in San Francisco, California. In his forty-two years in San Francisco schools, he has been a parent, head of high schools, a member of a federal court desegregation team, and a district consultant to city schools.

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