Review/Release Day ~ The Broken by Shelley Coriell

The Broken

The Broken (The Apostles #1)

Author: Shelley Coriell

Publisher: Forever (Grand Central Publishing)

Release Date: Apr 29 2014

Genre: Thriller/Romantic Suspense

Book Description

He took her life, but left her alive.

Three years ago, reporter Kate Johnson was the first victim-and only survivor-of the Broadcast Butcher. Scarred both physically and psychologically by the brutal serial killer, Kate lives life on the run, knowing that one day, he will find her and finish what he started.

In the pursuit of justice, you sometimes have to step outside the law.

Agent Hayden Reed spends his life chasing monsters. The only way to stay sane is to detach, but the second the Broadcast Butcher case crosses his desk, Hayden knows this is the case that might just cost him his soul. To catch this vicious murderer before he strikes again, Hayden must find Kate and earn her trust. For it’s her darkest secrets that hold the key to stopping this madman once and for all . .


My ****4 STAR**** Review

So, it’s been a while since I’ve read a good crime thriller. This had all the things that I think make one great. The plot was full of things to keep you guessing. It wasn’t predictable and the characters were well-developed. Plus, there’s a good romance built in, which makes almost any story better if you ask me.

The story revolves around Kate. I admired her strength through all she had endured. I really appreciated that she wasn’t another weak personality. I also enjoyed her friend Smokey Joe immensely. He may be old and blind, but boy was he a fighter!! Then there’s Agent Hayden Reed – Mr. Clean Cut. Yummy! I loved that he had the whole put together tough guy thing going and then the hard to get to soft guy. But, most of all I loved his protective nature.

The sexual tension between Kate and Hayden was often palpable, and I was definitely pulling for them the whole way through. I will have to admit that there were a few times that their actions seemed a little rushed towards each other. I know when you’re involved in some high intensity stuff, it’ll often lead to a rushed relationship, but it still felt just a little weird a few times for me. This wasn’t the overall feel of their relationship, though. Throughout the majority of the book I found myself laughing with them and cheering them on!

Let me not forget the bad guy. In truth, I have to say bad guys. I’m not giving anything away here, so don’t make ANY assumptions on what I just said or you’ll be confusing yourself! So, needless to say, the bad guys were just SICK. You’ll encounter some rather gruesome and downright disgusting things in this story. I would NOT recommend it for the faint of heart. I know for me one of the hardest things to read about in a book is rape, especially of a child. I’ll say here that this is talked about but not described, in case this is an issue for you. Nonetheless, expect to encounter some violent scenes, and of course there’s strong language, too.

As far as the plot goes, I only found it to drag a little bit about 20% in for a short bit. I know the foundation of the story was still being laid, and it wasn’t a big drag. This really says a lot for me. I often find crime thrillers to drag a LOT, but that wasn’t the case here. This book keeps you on your toes.

Overall, this is a story of hope. I liked that it had a strong underlying theme. I really enjoyed it and I definitely look forward to reading more of Shelley Coriell’s books!! I recommend this to all of you crime thriller lovers out there, especially if you’re one that likes a good romance mixed in. Just remember – not for the faint of heart! An easy 4 stars!

*I received a copy via NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) in exchange for an honest review.*

About the Author ~ Shelley Coriell

shelley coriell

Shelley Coriell is an award-winning author of romantic suspense and novels for teens. Her debut YA, Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe, was a 2012 Indie Next Pick and Publishers Weekly praised her for her “sparkling wit and great skill in creating complex characters with memorable personalities.” A six-time Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Finalist, Shelley’s new romantic thriller series, The Apostles, will debut in April, 2014 from Grand Central Forever. Shelley lives in Arizona with her family and the world’s neediest rescue weimaraner. You can find her at and Twittering @ShelleyCoriell.

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